“It’s so very important to have portraits of your family made at every stage because you never know when something may happen and you can never get that back.”

“Country Park Portraits has a reputation of being professional and very versatile.”

“Country Park Portraits is professional and innovative.  I think there’s so much value still left in using a professional photographer to capture the moments that are timeless; the things that we will want to look back on for many years to come.”

“I’ve known Sam Schultze for over 15 years and as I’ve gotten to know him over time, I would describe him as genuine, generous…and goofy!”

“When I come to Country Park Portraits, I feel very comfortable and confident that what I’m paying for will be an excellent product.  Sam is reliable, he delivers on his product and he will made sure you are satisfied.”

“When I come to Country Park Portraits, I get excited because I know something unique and wonderful is about to happen.”

“My experience with the studio has been nothing but professional.  They are meticulous.  They are artists in what they do.  Their services are absolutely outstanding and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

“I see Sam a lot in the community.  He’s very involved, is generous and always kind.  He’s always there helping other people work towards excellence.”

“The product is superb and the relationship between the Sam and the subject, whoever that is, is a relationship that is built.  And it kinda just doesn’t go away.”

“When we hire Sam, it’s not something we can do ourselves and there is no room for error.  With his professionalism and quality of work, we’ve never had to worry.”

“I feel like I’m coming to visit a friend that is going to create something very special for me.  And once it’s happened, I fell the anticipation for the final product…because I know it will be good!”

“Following our first interaction with Sam, we haven’t even thought about going to another photographer.  It’s just been very natural.  He’s very warm, very caring, very professional and is great with our children.”