Sam Schultze

My name is Sam Schultze and I’m the owner of Country Park Portraits and Best Business Portraits in Katy, Texas. I specialize in making family portraits, high school senior photos and executive portraits too.  I’d say I am best known for making portraits that are clean with genuine expressions which have a sense of classic styling and aren’t overly trendy.  My work is in the homes of hundreds of houses and offices throughout Katy, Houston and beyond.  My friends think of me as responsible, driven, consistent, loyal, sincere, kind and goofy.  (I really did ask what they think of me.  You should try it too!).  Country Park Portraits has been open and thriving in Katy, Texas since 1989.  We have seen lot’s of changes and growth in our area and really do love being part of our community.  In August of 2005, CPP purchased Tomorrow’s Memories Portrait Studio and its beautiful building and we’ve been doing well ever since.

A little fun fact:  Would it surprise you to know how much of a horrible subject I am when someone points a camera at me?  It’s really true.  The best part of hiring me to be your photographer is, I know how uncomfortable you can feel when I point the camera in your direction.  However, people compliment us all of the time saying things like, “I had to drag my kids in this morning but when we left, they couldn’t stop talking about how much fun it was.” Or, we also hear things like, “I’ve never felt as relaxed and comfortable during a photo session like that before.”  Being comfortable is the first step in making a great portrait.  It’s not so bad…I promise!

I’d like to be remembered by my family, friends and clients as someone that is caring and as someone that was able to provide a little joy in other people’s lives.  My hope is I’m able to do just that by creating memories that will be long-lasting and genuine through my portrait photography.

Give me a call or drop me an email when you are ready to talk about making your next portrait.